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In this article, we argue that to optimize organizational efficiency, business analytics[1] officers should manage statisticians and not the other way around. We begin by understanding both positions’ functions, which may initially appear very similar to the untrained eye. Both positions are staffed with people who can manage, process, analyze, and derive insights from diverse data types. Also, the business analytical and statistical training allows for the in-depth understanding of past “descriptive” data, the ability to make future “predictive” forecasts, and the capability to synthesize and recommend “prescriptive” actions. But the critical difference between the positions, as will be further…

The new trend in enterprise security and computing is “Dev-Sec-Ops.” “Dev-Sec-Ops” is a short label given to software testing methodology, which uses very real-world conditions to test the functionality, efficiency, reliability, scalability, and security of new software releases.

Today, many companies move from traditional on-premise software development to more affordable and manageable products on the cloud. Dev-Sec-Ops (DSO) is a development process focused on genuine world operations aiming to find the security bugs early while the application development teams complete necessary functionality. DSO is an evolution of security testing processes that take into consideration the requirement of a production environment…

A clear connection demonstrating the importance of data cataloging master data and the pitfalls to avoid when you do not have one.

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Master Data Management (MDM) funded appropriately, taken seriously by organizational leaders, and applied adequately improves processes, operations control & security, and efficiency. With modern Data Catalogues as a byproduct of Data Governance, organizations can evolve to monitor enterprise processes and security in real-time.

Imagine walking into a library looking for a book. There is no checkout counter, no librarian, and no system in place, anywhere insight, for you to search for your book to find its freaking location! Frustrated, you start to think, how in the heck am I going to get my project done? The information retrieval process in…

“While it is valuable to know what is trending, it is critical to contemplate what benefits your future and empower you to fulfill your potential. Assess viable options. When I transitioned from my military career, I had to balance my internal and external needs. I highly recommend the same introspective for other transitioning veterans!”

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Experiences have more excellent value than material things. Value is the goal. Be honest with yourself, and find the path that illuminates your purpose and drives you to a better life. Some pointers I thought hard about were:

  • Precision Analysis.
  • Treat interviews as two-way conversations.
  • All…

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Let me start this by asking a serious question: Is data science itself the be-all and end-all for businesses? As we’ll explore in the following two sections, it may be a bit of a misnomer, as “data science” is frequently used in the guise of using machine learning to “help” businesses make strategic decisions. However, you interpret that phrase — and many others similar to it — the underlying logic that the companies using data science have a business realignment that shifts the focus there. The data-science shift was made in part by a recent article in Harvard Business…

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Data science is a hot interdisciplinary field that utilizes scientific methods, processes & systems, algorithms, and domain expertise to extract knowledge and insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

The field of Data Science is related to data-mining, machine intelligence, and big data. While Data Scientists may use sophisticated models while combining data from various sources, most data scientists utilize data to produce insight for organizations using whichever tools it takes to do this. Actionizing the insights over time is where the power is in their contribution. Additionally, it is essential to provide these Scientists space as their insights move…

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